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How to Defragment Your Hard Drive in Windows 10

Over time, files on your hard drive get fragmented,and slows down the performance of your computer. To have your computer run more efficiently, use the built-in Windows tool to defragment your system files to optimize the performance. Here’s how to defragment Windows 10 and previous versions of Windows, by default Windows automatically schedule’s a defragment once a week. However, it doesn’t always run consistently, so if you notice files are taking longer to load you should consider running a defragment on your drive.


The Defragment and Optimise drives tool will clean out corrupted or broken files that could be slowing down your pc. Running the Optimise tool will speed up your pc performance and boot time from start-up. 

  1. Open the disk optimization tool by searching for “optimize” or “defrag” in the taskbar
    and select Defragment and optimize Drive.
  2. Select your hard drive and click Analyse. Note that if you have a SSD, this option is
    Greyed out and not available.
  3. Check the percentage of fragmented files in the results once Analysed.
disk defragment windows 10

4. If you want to defragment your drive, click Optimize. It’s best to do this when you
don’t need to use your computer for anything else, so you can let Windows defragment
the drive efficiently.
5. Once the Optimise tool is completed, your drive should say 0% fragmented in the  Drives utility and you should reboot your pc to apply the changed made to your system.


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