Windows 10 & Xbox one

Xbox iconHow to play your Xbox One
on Windows 10


1. If you have the Xbox App proceed to step 2 if not, download the Xbox app (it is FREE!) from the Microsoft Store.

Download the xbox app

2. Open the Xbox App and sign in, if it does not automatically sign in.

Open the xbox app

3. On your Xbox One console, enable game streaming by going to “Settings” > “Preferences” and making sure that “Allow game streaming to other devices” is selected.

Click the allow games box

4. In the tabs on the left hand side, you should see the “Connect” tab – click it.

Click the connect tab

5. Make sure your PC/laptop and Xbox One are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and your Xbox One is turned on. Your Xbox should appear automatically, but if not, you can still manually enter its IP address.

6. Click “Connect” to connect to your Xbox One.

Click the connect button

7. Connect your Xbox One controller to your PC/laptop.

8. Click “Stream” and you will be gaming in no time.

Click the stream button