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laptop screen replacement

Have you dropped your laptop or cracked the screen. We replace broken, cracked screens.

Broken Keyboard

Laptop keyboard stopped working or you have missing keys. We can replace your keyboard.

DC Power Jack

Your laptop isn’t charging, broken power socket that you need to repair.

laptop bettery

Laptop battery isn’t holding charge and you have to keep the charger connected.


Having problems with display graphics, power issues & no image on laptop screen.

Laptop repairs

Are you have problems starting up your laptop. Let us help you fix your laptop.


Have you dropped coffee on your laptop and now it doesn’t switch on?

laptop data recovery

Lost, Deleted, Formatted your Data. We can help to Recovery your files


Unable to connect your computer or wireless printer to the Wi-Fi? Let us help fix

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Stop programs running on startup

Right-click the taskbar and select Task Manager or hit Ctrl-Shift-Escape to launch. Head to the Startup tab and you’ll be able to view each item that runs on startup, along with its impact.

Laptop Repairs Durban

Are you in need of laptop repairs but not sure how we can help you. The services listed are some of the common laptop repair services that we fix on a daily basis. Speak with our Tech support for more advice related to your problem or if you need help with something.

Laptop Repairs We Provide

Laptop Won’t Start – Your laptop suddenly won’t start-up there are no lights on or fan spinning once you press the power Button.

Laptop really Slow – Does your laptop takes forever to start-up, you have to wait a while to use your email’s and other applications.

Corrupted Software – Windows won’t boot or goes to start-up repair?

Software Upgrades – Need to update your operating system to a newer version or install Microsoft office, Anti-Virus, Adobe Photoshop, Video Editing software etc.

PC Crashing or Freezing – Your laptop screen suddenly freeze while you doing something important or just shuts down while typing out an email.

Password Recovery – Can’t remember your login password? And you are unable to access your documents.
Printer Setup – Do you need to setup your printer to share with other users on the network?
Wireless Printing – Need to printer wireless from you laptop or Mobile devices.

Hardware Upgrades – It might be time to install new hardware like add in more Ram to speed up your laptop performance, increase the size of your hard drive.

Data Recovery – Your laptop crashed and you are unable to access your information, you’ve tried to swap the hard drive to another laptop but your hard drive isn’t working? We recover your lost, deleted information.

Internet Problems – Does your internet keep disconnecting? Or you’re unable to get internet access to send and receive emails.

Viruses & Malware – Online threats, viruses, spyware! Your laptop isn’t responding as usual it seem to be a virus. You keep getting pop-up messages while browsing the net.


Have you accidentally dropped or cracked your laptop screen and need to replace it Today. Get your LCD Screen repair the same day while you wait it takes 15mins to insert a new screen.

Broken laptop key or missing some keys on your keyboard. You don’t need to buy another laptop if your keyboard isn’t working. Our Technicians will replace the damaged keyboard with a new one.

Dose your laptop keep crashing on start-up or while in use, this could result in a system issue. Maybe you installed a new program that isn’t compatible with the OS and is corrupting the system.

Connected the charger to the laptop but it’s plugged in not charging? The charger needs to be checked out for problems, the charging socket on the laptop could be damaged or your laptop battery isn’t holding the charge and may need to be replaced.

Are you in need of a hardware upgrade, if your computer is running slow you might need to upgrade your RAM for more speed. Running out of storage space you might want to upgrade your hard drive.

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