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There are a few reasons why this could be happening.  This could be a software issue within Windows or you have recently installed a new software application. Sometimes your hardware might be faulty and could cause your system from responding at times.

A Computer Virus can spread throughout your pc if you do not have the right Anti-Virus protection for your computer. Always scan devices when connecting them to the pc, don’t open email attachments from unknown sources search them up first, downloading content from untrusted sites could put your computer at risk.

Have you lost, deleted or formatted your information. Data recovery is the process whereby we retrieve your lost information. We work with both software and Hardware to recovery data from any storage device, Hard Drive, SD Cards, USB Drives, Mobile phones, External Drivers etc. . . . 

Have you forgotten your windows login credentials and can’t access your computer. This could be frustrating when you have important information that you need to retrieve from your computer.

Are you in need of a computer upgrade, if your computer is running slow you might need to upgrade your RAM for more speed. Running out of storage space you might want to upgrade your hard drive.  

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