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Our Efficient work Ethic

We offer Affordable on-site repairs for both Home and Business computers. Our Techs will inspect your system and give it a thorough diagnostic to give you an accurate FREE quote. We strive to complete most on-site repairs within 2 hours. Any repair taking longer than 2 hours our technicians may request to take your computer back to our shop for repair. Most in-shop repairs are completed within 24-48 hours unless a part(s) needs to be ordered to complete the repair. We will always keep you informed of any delays and how long it will take to professionally repair your computer.

Complete Malware Virus Removal Solutions

Once your computer has been infected with Malware and Spyware virus, it becomes harder to get rid of them, as viruses run undetected in the background of your applications. Most of the Antivirus applications don’t protect you from Malware & Spyware viruses. Some antivirus applications need to be setup with frequent updates, timed schedules to run a full system scan and firewall blockers to protect you from Internet pop-ups and spam emails.

Common Malware Virus Removal to look out for;
  • Opening spam email or attachments
  • Shortcut virus on usb stick
  • Corrupted and missing files
  • Duplicated folders and files
  • Visiting an infected Web site
  • Installing unknown softwares
  • Downloading free games of the Web
  • Sharing music, files or photos with other users

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Virus Removal Internet Security protects the user from hidden treats while browsing the web page. How can you be sure that your data is safe online? Hackers are constantly finding new way to ensure that your data can be hacked. By using a professional IT service provider to encrypt your personal data from Pop-up Adz by unknown IP Addresses and Protecting you login credentials from been exposed to these attacks.

Spam Email, don’t reply to spam messages from email addresses you are unaware of. Don’t click on any links from spam mails or this could put your system at risk. Email spamming can be filtered out with the right setup from exposing your system and your personal data from unwanted treats.

One of the most common ways viruses can be transferred is via shortcut virus on USB flash drivers or storage devices. When transferring data from unprotected devices to your computer, puts your pc at risk. Most Anti-Virus software’s do not protect your system from malware & spyware, thereby leaving your computer unprotected, which allows viruses to attach themselves to your personal information.

You shouldn’t click on pop-up Ads from unknown Url’s. When receiving mails with links & attachments to download from unknown addresses, search up the company first before proceeding to open them. Always keep your Anti-Virus software up today & run a full scan once a week.

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