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Boost Your Productivity by using Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Everyone can be more productive by learning these Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts and save a lot more time. Windows 10 has a long list of keyboard shortcuts that help you launch new features such as Cortana, navigate around the Operating System or organize your desktop layout with ease.

Windows 10 has introduces a number of new shortcuts for controlling general aspects of your environment. Keyboard shortcuts are keys or combinations of keys that provide an alternative way to do something that you’d typically do with a mouse. Here are all the new keyboard shortcuts you need to know in Windows 10.

NOTE: The “Windows” key is the key to the left of the space-bar , marked with the Windows logo Windows logo  and is used to open & close the start Menu. 


All of the keyboard shortcuts used will require the Windows key Windows logo in conjunction with the featured key. Let’s jump in to the first shortcut.    

  1. Windows Action Center – Windows key Windows logo + “A”. This will open Windows Action Center. The Action center is the hub for  your notifications and providing quick access to commonly used windows settings.
  2. Windows Settings – Windows Key Windows logo + “I”. This will open the Settings app where you can make system change to the way you interact with windows 10.
  3. Cortana in listening mode – Windows Key Windows logo  +  “C”. Cortana is a virtual assistant that appears as a search box or an icon on your task-bar. Make sure that Cortana is enable before using this key combination. Use your voice to search, Getting weather information, looking for documents, photos, videos, searching the web for the latest news headlines.
  4. Cortana in Search mode – Windows Key Windows logo + “S”. This will open Cortana in Search mode. You can use Cortana to search from files on your PC or access OneDrive and view online content.
  5. Task View – Windows Key Windows logo + Tab key. Opens the Task View Screen which shows you the number of applications you have opened. You can also add additional desktops by clicking on the “+” icon or Desktop from the top of your screen. With the new windows 10 update you’ll see up to 30 days in timeline.
windows action center

6. Start Button Menu – Windows key Windows logo + “X”. This opens the Start Button Power User menu. This menu provides quick access to the old school control panel, device manager, disk management, command prompt, task manager etc. You can also right click on the start button to get the same menu.
7. Screen Project – Windows key Windows logo + “P”. If you use a second monitor or a projector, this shortcut will come in handy. You can duplicate, extend the second screen or just have the display show on either of your screen.

We hope that this Windows  Shortcut keys was helpful to you. Let us know by leaving a comment below!  

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